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Pet Portraits

 by Stephen Bishop.com

About Stephen Bishop, Artist Career. ‘Art is my Mission.’

My Pet Portraits include Dog Portraits, Cat Portraits and  Horse Portraits as Oil Paintings and Pastel Paintings and Drawings.  My artist career really began when I was very young. I was always expressing my art in school projects creating drawings with pencils on paper and using color felt tip pens. When my natural ability in art became apparent at school, I was fast tracked to CSE and ‘O Level Art.  By that time I was becoming interested in Technical Illustration, General Illustration and Design, but needed to study and practice art to ‘A’ Level standard before I could attend Art and Design College in Kent, in order study those. After working very hard for my Art ‘Al’ Level at West Kent College of Further Education for two years, I reached the required standard for entry in to Art and Design College.  

I was successful in my application to the Kent based Medway College of Art and Design where for two years I worked hard for my B/TEC Ordinary National Diploma in Graphic Design, Technical and General Illustration. After that. I set up my own small business as a freelance artist, and then for a time worked as a Graphic Artist and Illustrator for the Manpower Services Commission, producing art advertising for the community.

After some time I became a self employed artist again in 1988 and I still am a self employed artist in Kent to this day. In 1990 I met a very well established and highly respected Canadian born portrait artist, Peter James Garland and worked as his apprentice for a year. This was a very significant turning point in my artist career. Peter Garland has taught me the skills and knowledge to be a portraitist of animals and people, and to be able to render any subject on canvas. In particular he taught me the fine skills of oil painting, and drawing and painting with pastels, covering many different subject matters and fine tuned my knowledge and skills as an artist. Working as Peter Garland’s artist apprentice has created my interest in oil painting and helped develop my oil painting and pastel techniques and style which has greatly influenced my art career!

When my artist apprenticeship with Peter Garland ended I then began to work for ‘The Artist Hand’ which was based  in London and the South East of England. I worked with and for this great artist agency for 15 years. During that time I had the privilege of painting portraits of people and animal portraits and many works of art covering a wide variety of subjects for all kinds of people from all walks of life. Some of my paintings are overseas but most were paintings for people in the UK , particularly in Kent, the South East of England and London. During these years producing works of art through the ‘Artist Hand’ artist agency I worked almost exclusively with oil paints, creating fine oil paintings in a realistic but distinct style of my own and painting and drawing in pastel. I no longer work with the ‘Artist Hand’ but represent myself now as Art by Stephen Bishop.com, mainly creating original oil paintings and paintings and drawings in the pastel medium for people who commission me to do so.

I am also well respected in creating high class fine art copies of paintings and for commissioned works of art in this sphere I am represented by Fine Art Commissions Ltd, located at St James’s in London. I am capable of and experienced in copying painting styles different to my own. Please contact the Gallery if you want to commission a fine art copy of a painting, a link to the Fine Art Commissions Ltd Gallery website, fine art copies section is on my Links page.

I have also been privileged to have had further art and painting training from Natalya Palamartchouck, who is a very highly respected Russian artist, famous in her own country of Russia. She more than any other artist has opened my eyes to the wonders of colour, its subtleties and vibrancies which has greatly improved my oil paintings and paintings and drawings in pastels.  

You can see examples of my Pet Portraits and Animal Portraits which include Portraits of Dogs, Cats and Horses in Oils and Pastels by Clicking on this Link  Pet Portraits:  I do hope that you enjoy looking at my website and if you would like to commission a work of art from me within my areas of knowledge and expertise, then please contact me using any of the methods available on my Contact page.

Best Wishes.

Stephen Bishop.

Stephen Bishop Artist Painting a Horse. Pet Portrait Oil Painting of a Dog. Pastel Drawing of Three Horses Heads and Necks. Pet Portrait of a Cat in Oils.