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Pet Portraits

 by Stephen

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Pet and Animal Portraits by Christine Varley.

Pet Portraits in Pastel by Lorraine Gray, Animal and Pet Portrait Artist.

Professional Pet Portraits by Melanie Phillips and Nicholas Beall.

Exquisite pet portraits in Oils and Pastels: Professional Pet portrait artist Lorraine Gray specializes in Oils and pastels. She has clients worldwide. USA, Canada, Kenya, Australia, Japan, New Zealand, Hong Kong, German, Frame, Malta, Switzerland, Italy and of course the UK. See stunning pet portraits and client testimonials by visiting her site.

See other professional portraits by Stephen Bishop Artist.

Professional Cat Portraits by Melanie Phillips and Nicholas Beall.

David Gilchrist: Professional Pet Portrait/Portrait Artist.

Beautiful Animal Portraits by Sarah Leigh Pet Portrait Artist.

Professional and Versatile Pet Portrait Artist, Amanda Brown; Paints and Draws Fine Art Pet Portraits.

Beautiful Pet/Animal Portraits in Charcoal, Pastel and Watercolours by Sandra Palme.