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You can contact Stephen Bishop Artist at Pet Portraits by Stephen by using the contact form above or send a direct to

You can write to Stephen Bishop Artist at the following address:  

To Stephen Bishop, Artist.

55 Tonbridge Road,




TN11 9BH

Please feel free to choose whichever form of making initial contact suits you best, however the response form above is the best means of doing so, as I receive your response as an e-mail with your contact details.  

Important Note:

If you have any photographic reference to send to me for a prospective or agreed art commission then please send the reference by letter post to my address, or if a picture file email attachment as a JPG picture file, which will be best for image quality and easier to open.

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Stephen Bishop.

Stephen Bishop Artist.

Pet Portraits by Stephen

To contact Stephen Bishop Artist at Pet Portraits by Stephen about your creative idea for a painting or drawing commission or additional art services, use a contact method displayed on this page!