Pet  Portraits

by Stephen

Digital Art/Retouching

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Stephen Bishop Artist.

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Digital Art/Retouching Services by Stephen Bishop Artist.

Digital Art/Retouching Services by Stephen Bishop Artist at Pet Portraits by Stephen include making photographs of animals look like pet portrait paintings using photo retouching and painting software. New composite artwork from multiple pictures can also be created which can be altered if necessary into a variety of painting styles for pet portraits.

A whole spectrum of other special effects are also available which could be useful for advertising or publication. Stephen Bishop Artist at Pet Portraits by Stephen can print the resulting pet portraits images up to A3 size which can then be framed to hang on a wall at home or perhaps in a shop or office! This could be for promotional purposes in which case I can also produce advertising posters containing an image with text. See these examples of how an original pet portraits pictures can now be seen in a range of painting styles and photos joined together make composite artwork, achieved by computer/digital art. See more examples enlarged on the main Website by Clicking Here!




Combined Photographs

Click on the combined Lama and Sheep picture and see it in detail, on the main website.

Repairing Badly Damaged photographs

Repairing badly damaged photographs and prints using specialist photo editing/painting software tools; is a speciality. ’My mother was a highly skilled in finishing and retouching photographs at a bespoke photographers and taught me her skills.’ Quote: Stephen Bishop Artist. Photo retouching very old and damaged photographs is another form of art, and with high quality software designed for that task I can do that at a competitive price.

Badly Damaged Photograph.

Fully Restored Photograph.

If you want to commission me to do any artwork in these categories please contact me using any of the options available to you on my Contact page!

Click On Photographs made to look like Paintings to see them on the Pet Portraits by Stephen Main Website.

Below you will see my pricing structure for making photographs look like paintings, creating composite images, and photo retouching.

Art by Stephen Standard Prices for Digital Art/Retouching services.  


The cost of any ink and paper used in any printing would be added to the fee for my time.

(Please see FAQ’s for Particulars on Picture Framing, Travel Expenses and Photographic Reference contained within Artist terms and Conditions.)

Photos of Lama and Sheep Combined. Photo of a Lama Photo of Sheep in a Field. Combined Artwork of Lama and Sheep. Badly Damaged Photo of a Woman. Restored Photo of a Woman.