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to Stephen Bishop, UK Artist.

Welcome to Art by Stephen! I am Stephen Bishop a UK resident Pet Portrait Artist who uses Oil Paints and Pastels.

Oil Painting

Oil Painting

Oil Painting

Pastel Painting

Oil Painting

I live on the outskirts of Tonbridge in the County of Kent, England, which is about 25 miles south of central London. I am an established artist here in Kent and the South East of England, which is where most of my pet portraits/commissioned paintings reside; but some of my pet portraits paintings reside with their owners overseas! I have been a Kent based artist for most of my life and I have exhibited my artwork in Kent galleries and more local venues in my home town of Tonbridge, Kent. My realm of creativity is the art of painting and drawing and I paint and draw realistic pet portraits in oil paints and pastels, Dog Portraits, Cat Portraits and Horse Portraits are the most popular kind of paintings in oils and pastels. I also use computer art as well. Below are some client appraisals of my commissioned artwork for you to see. I hope that you enjoy browsing through my artist website, and find perhaps a portrait painting of a person or an animal that I have done which inspires you, or maybe inspiration  On my About page’ you will discover more about my artist career and my artwork in more detail!

Important Note

Please feel free to visit the Pet Portraits by Stephen Main Website at:

A Link to my other website:

which will take you to a lot more examples of my paintings, drawings and artwork in general. To see my prices for Pet Portraits, which include Dog Portraits, Cat Portraits, and Horse Portraits, click on this Prices Link. The Main website is best viewed on a main computer or a variant of laptop PC.  This website page and the other five pages whose links are at at the top of this website page are abbreviated in content, specifically designed to fit and be viewed on mobile devices. A Return To Mobile site Link is on the Main Website. Pages!


RE: Stephen Bishop Artist.

To Whom it May Concern:

Stephen has worked for the Artists hand continuously for 15 years. Throughout all that time, I have found Stephen to be reliable, diligent and totally dependable. Working in our business, there have been many occasions where Stephen has faced an enormous pressure of work, with important deadlines to meet; and a mass of painting orders to plan and organize. However I have always been able to rely on his commitment and dedication to every task. He has never let me down.

Andrew Hall M.A.(Cantab)


Dear Stephen,

We would like to thank you very much for the oil painting that you completed for us. It is beautifully detailed and very artistically designed. Thank you for completing  it on time and for your valuable advice on the style of frame that would most complement the painting.

A Clark.

Dear Stephen,

This is just to thank you for all the hard work you have done on my behalf. Both my family and I are very pleased with the high quality of your productions.

Alan Elliot.

Dear Stephen,

The oil painting you painted of my horse Dillon is a lovely and realistic painting. It captured his characteristics and is one of my most prized possessions!

M Grove.

The two paintings that Stephen did for us of our two German Shepherd dogs are brilliant. The attention to detail is excellent, it made them look so life like in the painting!

C Stroud.

Oil Painting

Oil Painting

Stephen Bishop Artist Painting. Pet Portrait Oil Painting of Dog. Pet Portrait in Pastels of a Dog. Pet Portrait Oil Painting of a Cat. Pet Portrait Oil Painting of a Dog. Horse Portrait of Two Horses in Oils. Horse Portrait Oil Painting. Pet Portrait Oil Painting of a Dog.